Schwingungsbrücke für Holzblasinstrumente

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Prof. Dr. Eckart Haupt

The Schwingungsbrücken of Klaus Schönlebe are a significant progress to harmonise and improve the oscillation of the single flute parts.

Response is more comfortable (accuracy of  staccato and sound is more focused)

The sound appears to be stronger. An increase in harmonics was not noticed. To see how sound projection changes especially in large rooms needs further examination.

The Schwingungsbrücke is able to enforce or reduce certain sound characteristics of the instrument. Thus, every good flautist has the possibility to advance towards his or hers ideal of sound more than it was possible before.

Those who resist the danger of misusing the new ways of playing ( forced articulation, response and over-expanded dynamic towards forte) have significant advantages. My examinations are entirely based on empirical studies and need to be approved by measurements. 

Congratulations to Klaus Schönlebe !


Dresden, 10th February 2014

Prof. Dr. Eckart Haupt 

Solo flautist, Staatskapelle Dresden, Professor at the conservatory of Music, Dresden

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