Schwingungsbrücke für Holzblasinstrumente

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  • Can the Schwingungsbrücke be also used for piccolo flutes ?

Yes, the Schwingungsbrücke can be used for the majority of piccolos. You just need special rubbers for piccolo. The result will be the same.

  • My sound does not seem to change, what is the reason for it?

You might not have attached the Schwingungsbrücke properly or the model does not suit your flute. Ask a musician to listen to you. Sometimes a listener can hear a greater difference than you do. Try other rubbers. In some very rare cases for example with golden flutes the Schwingungsbrücke does not have a huge effect.

  • Can the  Schwingungsbrücke leave scratches on my flute?

If not used properly the Schwingungsbrücke can leave scratches on your flute. Nevertheless even if used incautious our  Schwingungsbrücke damages your flute  less than other products currently on the market. Our Schwingungsbrücke was developed to not damage the flute and be gentle to  the material. This was a major consideration during product development.

  • Does the Schwingungsbrücke make my sound louder?

Some flautist claim that their sound improved and got louder significantly. Not every flautists can notice the same effect. In general the sound projects more and gains clarity which is often associated with a louder sound.  Our Schwingungsbrücken are no amplifiers and do not  make your sound louder as such. Your sound might get louder as you will gain more control over your flute when playing.

  • Can you adjust intonation while having the Schwingungsbrücke attached to your flute?

Yes, you can adjust your intonation while having the Schwingungsbrücke attached to your flute. Be careful and lift it a bit when adjusting your intonation.

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